About Coinbidex


Coinbidex will build the fastest blockchain with low fee. we will build an ecosystem with projects Defi, NTFs, Web3 vand much more. Coinbidex will be fully compatible with EVM and support smart contract fuctionality reward and smart contracts for their network. All smart contract devlopers who choose coinbidex chain will earn reward of up to 50%  gas free.

About wallet

Coinbidex Wallet

Coinbidex wallet will be the state-of-art, very secure and easy to use cryptocurrency wallet. You will be able to send, recieve and swap ethereum and binance smart chain based on tokens on the go. You will have both the web wallet and the mobile wallet. Coinbidex wallet will be the main wallet to store your assets once you buy them. You will not need to store your assets on the exchange. We want everyone to have total control of their assets. This wallet will be the backbone of the whole coinbidex exchange system.